Different Types Of Monitors

LG L194WT-SF LCD monitor

LG L194WT-SF LCD monitor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today speaking, there are two main types of computer monitors on the market, LCD and LED. But, there used to be the CRT. The CRT is the oldest type of computer monitor and is the type of monitors you see in old movies. The LCD monitor is the second newest monitor on the market. They are flat screen and are much skinnier than the CRT. The LED monitor is the newest type of monitor on the market. The LED is also a flat screen like the LCD monitor but uses different technology than the LCD. All three monitors share the same purpose but what are their differences?
The CRT monitors, also known as “Cathode Ray Tubes” are the monitors of the past, but still used by companies today. CRT monitors are big monitors looking like old TV’s. They use three electron guns to beam three electrons beams the color of red, blue and green. These beams are then focused by focusing coils to display the colors and pictures on a fluorescent screen. The screens on CRTs are very thick to prevent it from breakin

Viewsonic CRT computer monitor.

Viewsonic CRT computer monitor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

g for safety issues and to block x-ray emissions. There are many advantages to the CRT monitor than LED or LCD as well as disadvantages. CRT monitors are very cheap and cost efficient. They also produce the best colors and have the best screen resolutions. CRT’s also have very good response time. Disadvantages to the CRT are that they are very big and take up much space. They are bright but not as bright as LCD or LED monitors. Also, older CRT monitor’s screens are rounded, but newer CRTs are flat screened.
The LCD monitor also known as “Liquid Crystal Display” monitors are newer in the market, but not the newest. LCDs work by blocking light emitted by backlight. There are two polarized glass and in between them, there is a crystal liquid material. Backlight is running and at that same time, the crystal liquid material blocks the light to create colors and images that appear on your screen. There are more disadvantages to the LCD monitor than advantages. The advantages are that the LCD monitor is thin unlike the CRT monitor. The LCD monitor’s screen is also very big so you have a bigger screen and its’ brightness is very strong too. Some disadvantages to the LCD monitors are that they are very pricey, they cost a lot. The viewing angle of the LCD is very bad and you have to view it straight on to have a comfortable feeling. The lower end ones can also have a slower response time.
The LED monitor, also known as “Light Emitting Diodes” monitors are the newest in the markets. LED monitors function like LCD’s except they use LED lighting rather than cold cathode fluorescents. There are many advantages to the LED monitor. They use less energy than any other monitor meaning if you are using an LED monitor, your electricity bill would be cheaper. They also have less impact to the environment when you get rid of it. Also, LED monitors have a longer lifespan than CRT and LCD monitors. And, the LED monitor is very thin and light weight. The disadvantages to the LED monitor are they are very expensive. Also, like the LCD monitor, it would be uncomfortable to view the LED monitor at an angle.


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